Das Austria Center Vienna enthüllt bei der Access 2013 in der Hofburg ihr neues Logo. Ernst Stockinger und ich sind als Designer beziehungsweise Produzenten der neuen Multifunktionsmöbel bei der Eröffnung dabei.


I have been selected presenting Austrian Design in Tokyo. The exhibition Spot on Wien was flashing Austrian Design on the 100% Design Tokyo. The Jury organized by Juland chose the Trestle Bench to go to Tokyo. Introduction by spotonwien.com: “The motif SPOT ON WIEN predicts a lightning-flash on the Austrian design scene. ‘SPOT ON’ hits the core of the message – as ‘delicious’,’ splendid’ and ‘to the point’ the campaign highlights the domestic design scene. SPOT ON WIEN will cast an exclusive light on Austrian design during the “Tokyo Designers’ Week” – the Asian design hot spot. Featuring a design show within 100% Design Tokyo, a SPOT ON PRODUCTS will be set. Three more events, so-called LOCATION SHOOTINGS, on emblematic places around Tokyo will present a selected program of artists, musicians, designers and fashion designers.”